Monday, April 28, 2014

A really cool Thing to buy – Rock it Portable Vibration Speaker

While Searching for the Cool Things to buy I recently heard about the OrigAudio’s Rock it Portable Vibration Speaker and this is really one of the cool things I have tried out. I will be writing about cool gadgets on this site as well as cool gifts and handpicked collection. So this is the first gadget in my list of cool things to buy.
A really cool Thing to buy – Rock it Portable Vibration Speaker

The idea behind Origaudio's Portable vibration speaker is that you connect the device with any Smartphone, Iphone, Tablet or Mp3 and it convert the Music into vibration sequences and sending the strong vibrations through its Rock-it Pod which can be connected any surface or thing making it possible to convert the surface or object into speaker. Basically the idea is same and it works same as our ears do. You can connect this device with any cup, picture frame, Jar, Jug or even with a book. However, the sound quality differs with each object depending on its ability and flexibility to produce vibrations. The more hollow the object is the more good quality sound is produced. Its really cool stuff

Portable vibration Speaker - a cool gadget

The device has been discussed in various publications including ABC’s show Shark Tank. The vendor Claims OrigAudio claims about Rock it - Portable Vibration Speaker that “Turn any object, yes literally ANYTHING into a speaker”.  It really works fine and I have read positive reviews by people who used the device with variety of objects including Cups, Wall pictures, Jar, Jugs,  CDs and DVD’s Blank containers, Tissue box and laptop stand. Moreover, the device is completely portable. You can attach it with any of the object and can use it even while travelling. The Portable Rock It 3.0 comes in various colors including Black, White, Red, Green and Glowing in the Dark. This device despite of its cool features have low price and you can it from Amazon for Just$12.99.

Cool Gadget that turns anything to Speakers

The device is powered with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides a playback of 10-12 hours. Also it comes with sticky pads which are re-usable. When it gets dirty, just clean it with a wet cloth. OrigAudio also gives several spare stickies in the package which is obviously an additional advantage.
Other Features include:

  • ·         10 Hours Play Time powered by Lithium-ion battery
  • ·         It works with all iPods, iPhones, Droids,  laptops, blackberrys,                 etc. and all devices having a standard 3.5mm headphone jack
  • ·         Volume Control
  • ·         Compact
  • ·         Easy to Use
  • ·         Additional wire for Media Player
  • ·         Locking Mechanism
  • ·         1 Flat Side , It will never roll off from your table
  • ·         Variable Sound Quality: The more hollow the object is, the more            good quality sound is produced.
  • ·         Available with Bulit in rechargeable battery, USB charging cable              and extra sticky pads.
  • ·         Works well with Tissue box, Carboard boxes, home appliances,              cops and bowls, coolers, wooden drawers, lamp shades,                       tupperware, file cabinets and much much more!
  • ·         Available in Multiple colors
Rock it Portable Speakers in Multiple Colors

Watch the Official Youtube video 
So Looking for Cool Things to buy, try out this one. You will be pleased with the cool thing and it can also be served as a cool gift. So on a Birthday you can gift to particularly kids, they will be really happy.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Top 5 Best Perfumes for Men

The Perfumes, Colonges and scents are generally associated with women all over the world. But Perfumes are also vital for the personality of men. Men pay much attention for their fashion, looks, dressing and hairstyle but normally what they ignore is a quality best perfume. Popular Perfume companies also make seductive perfumes that leave a good impression on women’s mind and the body spray and perfume ads on TV show it well. Here is a list of 5 Best Perfumes for men that are most popular in market these days.

5. Angel by Thierry Mugler

Best Perfume for Men Angel by Thierry Mugler

In Our List of Best Perfume for men, Angel by Thierry Mugler is at No. 5. This is perfect scent with a pleasing fragrance perfectly suited for any social event. Its Top rated scent contains aroma from mint and coffee and its intriguing and unique mix with other things like lavender and caramel that combines and makes a sharp, oriental and woody fragrance. This best perfume for men is available in a stylish bottle having a blue star on it. This is also branded as a seducing perfume. The perfume is designed for the working men. It’s also available on Amazon

4. Eternity by Calvin Klein

Best Perfume for Men Eternity by Calvin Klein

Eternity was introduced by Calvin Klein in the year 1990. Calvin Klein has introduced so many wonderful fragrances but this perfume is standout among all those both for gentlemen and ladies. Since its release, it is the favorite fragrance for many men and even now it is presented as a gift on many occasions. Calvin Klein has used many ingredients like crisp jasmine, sage, basil and rosewood to make a perfect mix for the amazing and seductive fragrance for men

3. One Million from PACO Rabanne

Best Perfume for Men One Million
One Million Perfume was introduced by the famous PACO Rabanne in 2018, who have also introduced many other fragrances for both men and women. This perfume comes in a bottle with glittery shine of Gold, and with diamond shaped cap. The Creator of Rabbane have said about this “In all civilizations and religions gold has always managed to seduce people”. Thus its designed to be the best smelling and truly seducing.  This perfumes latest 2014 edition’s fragrance is extracted from amber, rose, spices, red orange, mint, grapefruit and many other sparkling ingredients. Best suited for party times.

2. Acqua Di GIO from Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio Perfume Review
>Since its Luch Acqua Di GIO is considered as the best perfume for men. Acqua Di GIO is the best selling perfume which has a score of 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon and it has won the’s best beauty award that shows how much popular this perfume is. Its Tagline is “ A light distinguished fragrance inspired by light sea, warm sun and richness of earth. The perfume is regarding to have pleasing smell and alive, energized and masculine effect. It’s a pretty expensive perfume but worth what you pay.

1.     Armani Code Cologne by Giorgio Armani

Armani Code Perfume Review
Armani Code Cologne from Giorgio Armani is on the top of our list for best perfume for men. This is probably the most demanding and best perfume for men. The seductive fragrance and smelling of Armani Code makes men more prominent in social gatherings. The Pleasing scent is a blend of Apple scent with lavender and the spicy essence of cumin. It combines sleek , sophistication and seduction, all what men need from a premium perfume. Best for the men who want to be prominent and want to be get noticed.